Moving to Docker - Vagrant destroy ...forever?

It took me a little over a year to get my vagrant lab functional where I was automating build environments to pen-test also for the purpose of trying new software and was relatively comfortable creating the necessary configuration files etc. I was quite please with the progress I made and the technologies learnt during this process. 

I managed to muster a hosted chef server which housed my various cookbooks and life was grande. 

Then I switch jobs...and got open to a world where you are allowed to explore your passions and you are fully supported by your team , lead and the organization in a whole. 

This is where I really got into docker and then later kubernetes ( but more about kube in a later blog). I knew what docker was but never really got to see it in action. Container based deployments, #microservices, as I comprehend is the way forward and I planned to get on that train while there were still seats available. 

Soo...for the first week I read documentation and ran through a quick start guide to get my feet wet. Not knowing that I would love the water so much that I would be adding sugar and kool-aid and drinking that shit up.

So much so within only 5 days of reading and learning the basics of the technology, I blew away over a year of hard work and hours of screen time. Don't get me wrong I can still see value in a vagrant lab but....I can just build the image in docker and have it up in seconds... Amazing. 

The first actual project I used it for was to run an nodejs application to auto invite "You" to a public slack channel for infosec professionals ( please see link for this on homepage). The intention was for us to have an open real time forum to ask questions and share ideas with other persons in our field. ( More details on that in an upcoming post ). 

#docker #devops #microservices #automation

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