New Android Malware: Time to Educate the End Users

There is a new android malware that hijacks your phone's shutdown process and basically tricks you in thinking that it is shutdown. It can then make calls, take pictures and other various functions without your knowledge. Sound like something out of a spy movie eh?

This is the reality of many mobile users namely in China where the malware was first discovered and spreading at a rapid rate from infected apps from the Chinese app stores. This is why it is very important to install antivirus solutions on your mobile devices. Many users still think viruses are related only to computers, we have to start taking this serious and implementing antivurs solutions as standards for any device connectiing to corporate information (i.e emails etc). By doing this it will raise awareness to the "normal user" that antivius is now needed for their mobile devices. The threats are real time to act.

Full details of this malware can be read here thanks to AVG who can detect this new threat.


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