Attack on Cars; Strike 1 against the IoT

So as you might have already heard, hackers found a way to access your car and like me you are wondering if you should be worried. I did some research and the truth is there is no real need to panic. Apparently this flaw was noticed and rectified before it was made public and in the case of BMW, automatic updates were already distributed to customers and the newer models have the updated version of ConnectDrive.

But having said that it is still a real concern because it will be only a matter of time before it is cracked again. In light of this and the uproar it caused I am sure the technology experts in the car industry will be hiring security consultants to help protect their reputation.

The exploits allow the hacker to unlock doors, activate horn, accelerate or slow down the vehicle and other various functions depending on the model of car and the capabilities of the installed software.

So come on guys when you start installing SIM and modems in vehicles you need to implement some kind of authentication to modify or access the remote functions of a vehicle. So don’t worry folks they will get it right and with some network security 101 it will make it harder for hackers to access our digital chariots.

Here is a link to how they cracked BMW ConnectDrive.


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