Antivirus + DNS = Added Protection

It is true, antivirus is not enough to protect us in that cesspool of digital gunk called the internet. There are still persons out there looking to take advantage of the less knowledgeable. Taking their money, invading their person data and even stealing their entire identity.

For most computer geeks we know how to navigate through this gunk unharmed but what about the other hundreds of millions of people out there that makes up our family and friends we care about. I am saying this to help elaborate that we need to educate our friends and families and help protect them from the dangers out there.

Long gone are the days of just having a good antivirus, we have to couple that with DNS filtering so protect against Phishing, Malware and identifying fraudulent sites.

So please protect yourself, here is a list of site that can help each with unique features some are free some are paid but all are worth it.

Norton ConnectSafe




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