Meraki ….. the future of awesomeness

Meraki. If you have never heard of them before I suggest you sit back and let me tell you a little story. It is about a Systems Admin that had to deploy and monitor a wireless solution in another country, but the people up top didn’t want to send him on the trip to pay for hotel , food, travel etc… on top of his already hefty salary . So he was asked if he can do it remotely. Reluctantly he did some research, aka Google, and found out about this cloud management product line, Meraki. He then realized that not only can he configure them via a cloud platform from any location, he can also monitor the status of the APs without investing in monitoring software. Is this too good to be true? No my friends, it is Meraki.

These things are amazing and super easy to deploy. They also have switches, firewalls, and a MDM service where you can manage your mobile devices like tablets etc. Yes I know, this sound too good to be true!

I was recently involved in setting up some of these wireless bad boys for my corporate network. You set up your network and SSID all your security setting via the cloud dashboard and add your inventory via the mac address. Once you plug the device anywhere and it picks up a proper IP address with a gateway with access to the internet, you can then change the IP to a static IP and make any adjustments as needed. It has built in Google maps to pin your AP to a geographical location. You can import the floor plan of your office lay out as well. There is traffic analytics. Did I mention these babies have full meshing capabilities?

Although I am sure there are other wireless solutions out there, with these features, I will have to be proven wrong about the ease and the intuitive nature when compared to Meraki . Hey, that is probably why Cisco bought them. Trust me, that is a big complement.

#wireless #meraki #cisco

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