IoE and Pet care

So guess what? We are in the world of Internet of Everything and one aspect of that is even extended to our pets. You can now go off to work and don't have to worry about feeding your furry little friend. There are now solutions where you can feed your pets remotely, either using your PC, or via an application on your phone or tablet.

And who do we have to thank for this? Well, there is "Petnet" and "feed and go". From what I gather from their respective product sites, they all have the same concept but with some key differences.

I can go into the details of these two feeders but I am not here to review dog feeders. I am here to introduce you to this option if you are a single person or know a dog lover that travels a lot, like my sweet mother-in-law.

The applications seem to have thought of everything. Set feeding schedules, reminders, and can even be customized to accommodate their dietary needs. They seem to have thought of everything, except water, a way to take them for a walk and pick up their poop, but at least it is a step in this new world of Internet of Everything.


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