The recent introduction of IPv6 has really helped in the advancement of Internet of Everything. As you know, we only have so many IPv4 Addresses to go around. We have so many addresses that now with IPv6 we can apply multiple IP addresses to every grain of sand in the world. That is what I call impressive. This, in my opinion, was the foundation for this new concept of IoE and I strongly recommend that you bite the bullet and learn this new addressing scheme, which entails how to calculate subnets and identify the different classes of IPv6. Here is a link to an article that will get you started. The concept is the same but it is now a 128 bit hex format address, so get your favorite IPv6 calculator and embrace this new IP version. This is why we can have devices like our appliances, our home, cars and basically anything else we deem worthy of an internet connection at our finger tips. So you can get a clear idea of why IPv6 is so important, it is literally the future of networking.


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