Integrating Service and IoE

So let’s say you bought a fridge and something goes wrong. Before you would have to go through the process of waiting until there is an actual, noticeable issue before you can contact your support representative and spend like 30min to an 1hr before you actually speak with someone, determine if your fridge is under warranty and to determine what is actually the issue with your appliance.

However with an IoE enabled fridge or appliance, it can send a service request directly to the service representative with all the info and even an error code with the issue it is having, all without you being aware of what is going on, depending on the severity of the issue of course. So it would be you, the customer, who is being contacted for a change and not the other way around. Now that is proactive service.

This concept is being applied to all types of products, even cars, where I think it would be most useful. Service applies to ordinary consumer products whereas store owners get an idea of what products move the most in real time with a concept of smart shelves. I will be going into more about this in a later blog.


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