When they say Internet of Everything (IoE) they really mean everything ... even the items that we wear are getting into the mix. It started with watches that integrate with your smart phone. There are the fitness bands and NFC reader bands for parties and sporting events to rid us of the paper tickets. Google have their Google glass that seems to be a bed of mix emotions ranging from the cool factor to privacy issues. Now even our actual garments are getting into the swing of it, with the ability to track health issues.

Trendhunter have a great comparable article on new health gadgets wearables. Check them out and see if any suit your lifestyle.

Gaming has also entered this realm (no pun intended but implied). Soon we will be able to sync our movements in a simulated environment and challenge users across the world. The guys at TN Games have created this cool vest that when you wear it you actually feel what your character feels in the game. I would love to try this out and get a feel for the simulated gun play.

We still have a long way to go on this front, but we will be on top of the technology as it is introduced and will keep you posted on the newest trends on wearable technology.


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